Dr. Mike Day, DC Upper Cervical Chiro

$50 Cash

Initial Visit $80
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My methods of care allow for pay as you go, low cost care. $70 cash initial visit, $50 cash thereafter. $50 massage chair and adjustment. All Cash..

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46155 Dillon Road

Coachella, CA 92236


Phone: 760-676-6872


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Chiropractic Adjustments for Atlas and spinal strength. DOT Physicals and Sports Physicals.

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California Licensed Chiropractor and Applied Kenisiologist since 1996, Coachella Valley.



At Kinesio-Spino Chiropractic your spine maters. If your upper cervical vertebra is out of alignment with your skull or second vertebra your spinal muscles will start to fail and you will likely get injured very easily. Adjusting the upper cervical vertebrae will instantly make your spinal muscles strong and functionally correct healing injuries. Subluxation of the upper cervical vertebra may be the cause of so many issues that it seems nothing helps and there is no way to fix the problems.


Poor posture, weakness, fatigue, headaches... all signs that you have subluxation of the upper cervical vertebrae and need adjustment. If you feel like you are out of alignment, you probably are. Get aligned today and see the changes immediately.

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Initial Visit: Massage Chair, Evaluation and Adjustment $80.

Subsequent Visits: Adjustment $50 with Massage Chair,

Massage Chair Only: $20


Chiropractic services only for Adjustments for your enjoyment only. We do not work with any insurance, work injuries or auto accident cases, or pain. All services are cash only. If you have pain seek other care     Thank you

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